Knowing About The Origin And Background of Yoga

Yoga is the age-old science that is made up with various disciplines of body and mind. Yoga has originated in 2500 years ago and it is quite operative in bringing the health to any person who actually does Yoga on a regular basis. The word Yoga has originated from a Sanskrit word Yuja. Yuja means to culminate, to concur or to connect. Yoga is the culmination of soul and spirit, body and mind and Yang and Yin.

What is Yoga?

The term Yoga has the extensive scope. Number of systems or schools of Yoga are there such as Hathayoga- the yoga is by balancing reverse ethics of the body. Rajayoga- it means supreme or royal yoga. Bhaktiyoga- It means yoga through the devotion. Dnyanayoga- it means yoga through knowledge. Karmayoga- it means yoga through action. For hundreds of ages, Yoga has been just looked upon as the active way of spiritual enlightenment and self-improvement.

Characteristics of Yoga

Yoga is just not an exercise

To realize the actual concept of Yoga an individual should keep in their mind that the every position in Yoga are just not an exercise but maintenance of stretches and bodily stretches. Yoga needs the controlled and smooth motion, slow and steady tempo.  In Yoga, the body is actually stretched in the maintained and particular manner.

Fewer repetitions

Extended the maintenance healthier will be the result. For a novice, the repetitions will be fewer but the maintenance will be extremely long. After practicing Yoga, each and every individual will feel extremely fresh and pleasant. But one must not practice the yoga beyond their capacity. They may feel fatigued or tired.

Apply minimum efforts

Along with practicing the yoga, one can easily learn to have a faith in their body’s capacity only to develop in a term of flexibility. By putting minimum efforts in your practice you can easily learn the technique of Yoga.

Focused stretching

Initially this is tough to stretch your body parts. But after knowing the techniques you will be able to do the complete stretching. But one is not allowed to do unnecessary stretching or pulling the body parts.

In this article, you will get to know the origin and characteristics of Yoga. Numbers of techniques are there to do a proper Yoga. So, you are a beginner then you must try such characteristics, which are mentioned above in this article. By practicing the methods, you will be able to get a healthy and for body.Read more