What to Look For In A Christian Dating Site

Christian Dating Couple

It is a fact that finding the ideal spouse can help a Christian to grow spiritually. This calls for the question of actually finding this ideal spouse’. While there are truisms on what Christians accept as dating truths, we live in a world where these truisms lie squarely in a gray area. In biblical settings, the process of dating or courtship is painted in a different light from what we have today. Concepts such as advanced technology and high civilization have impacted virtually every sphere of in our lives; religion is not spared.

The Role Technology Has Played in Christian Dating

The concept of dating in religion has been exposed to some factors that a wise Christian cannot possibly ignore. Ignoring them can be likened to trying to remain to the old biblical days. Technology has changed the way people interact. Today, Christians have even formed online forums where they meet and even share their experiences and testimonies. Therefore, it is important to consider the role the internet connection is playing in Christian lives and especially dating and courtship. Since the state of technology has made internet connection an integral part of our lives, Christians should also be advised what to look out for while looking for spouses on Christian dating sites.

Find the Right and Trusted Dating Site

First of all, it is important that as a Christian you create a profile on a dating site with like-minded individuals. A Christian should look for a dating site that is respected and can be vouched for by fellow Christians. These will protect you from malicious people posing as Christians. A dating site for Christian singles that can be vouched for is Christiancafe.com. This site is reputable for its diversity. You can find Christians of all denominations and from numerous regions across the globe. These areas include Australia, United States, China, and Europe.

Find The Best Quality

The quality of a dating is one thing that a Christian is advised to pay attention to while looking for a dating site. First, it should be understood that free dating sites do not have a lower class of people. Paid dating sites are recommended due to other reasons that are paramount in security. First, it is hard for spammers and malicious individuals to get to register on such sites as. Therefore, you get a piece of mind and you are assured of ideal privacy policies. When looking for a dating site, ensure that you find one with a responsive and committed customer care platform, even if it means paying for such a site.

Things To Do to Ensure You Get the Right Person For You

Active Person Doing YogaBe active
Finding a dating site is a good step but not the only one that is required to find your ideal spouse through an online dating site. A dating site is not the key to finding your spouse; it is just a platform. Therefore Christians are advised to be more active as well as keen while looking for spouses online. You know…like doing Yoga! Being passive makes it hard for you to be noticed by other people. Always ensure that your presence is felt.

Choose good profile photos
A profile picture can create a good first impression. Therefore, ensure that you pick a profile picture that says a lot about you. Be cute, charming, attractive and at the same respectable. Pay attention to the small details on your profile photo. It has been proven that profile photos create first impressions within 3 seconds of being viewed, so make it count.

Go through profiles before making contact
Before you contact anyone you are interested with, ensure that you go through their profiles entirely. When you send them that first message, it should imply that you have gone through their profile. This is the best way to show total interest in the person you are trying to contact and probably get positive feedback.


Christians face challenges while looking for a dating site that is ideal and at the same time conforms to their beliefs. Therefore, this calls for them to be keener to join sites that will not compromise their values. Before you enroll to any site, it is also advisable to talk to a friend about your decision and their take on the dating site of choice. This way you will have a second opinion on your decision, which helps you to be even more spiritually enhanced while dating online.